State of Art in Spain


The “State of the Art” is the first intellectual output of our Looking at Learning project.

As a first step, the idea was to understand our local realities so we can be already aware of “what is out there”, share it between us (and the rest of the world through the summary from the different countries in the website), and see what it is possible to do in next stages of L@L.

It was also a starting point for the research to be carried on later in this project.

The focus of the State of the Art, was to gather the following main information:

  • Finding out possible previous research reports (educative projects / documents) done related to learning environments in each country taking part in the project, with a main focus in elements that were making more easy / difficult the learning (or were introducing the creativity factor in it!). This research part included the checking of the specific national laws and regulations, the standards of education and how creativity appears in those documents.
  • Realizing interviews to different stakeholders and focus group in each country, using for that some “Interview guidelines” and specific questions that were previously defined by the team and the group of researchers in order to get a “mapping” of learning environments, again including elements used or not, and impact in the learning of those elements.
  • Collecting good practices and experiences to get inspiration for the practices to be carried on in the next phase of this project, and also to learn from between the different countries and foster ideas for possible cross-sectorial cooperation in next stages of L@L.

In the case of Spain, the study has been realized between june and (august?) 2015, with stakeholders belonging to very different fields in Education, mainly in non formal education.

You can check different parts of the State of Art in the menu, or download the full document here as soon as it is ready!