1st International Training


In the frame of this project, the first international learning activity happenned from 2nd to 9th August in Gulbene (Latvia), with the aim to promote cross-sectorial cooperation and gain new insights in order to create contemporary and successful learning environments for young people.

The objectives of this learning activity were:

  • To share theories and concepts on learning and facilitation of learning.
  • To create a challenging learning environment to experience & be creative together.
  • To support participants to identify their own natural way of learning and explore how they can provoke changes.
  • To share & discover different realities applied from the participants in creative learning environments.
  • To explore how creativity and unconventional environments can provoke new perceptions about (self-directed) learning.
  • To identify obstacles and challenges to make changes in our realities.
  • To encourage further cooperation between the participants on the topic of the L@L project.

They were structured in the programme around three main pillars:

  • Clarification of concepts / inputs
  • Sharing / exchanging
  • Experimentation / exploring (During the activity & later on the realities of the participants)


This activity was aimed to youth workers, educators, teachers, and any other personal related to formal or non formal education of young people, willing to develop further initiatives within the frame of the L@L project.

The main working language was English, although was possible to participate wth just speaking one of the "project languages" (Latvian, Dutch or Spanish).

You can find more information about this training in the different pages.


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