L@L Project


The specific objectives of the project are:

1. To understand the learning needs of young people and understand what conditions encourage ‘natural’ and self-directed learning using the outcomes of a research on learning environment.
2. To encourage cooperation between formal and non-formal education. 
3. To share theories and concepts on learning and facilitation of learning.
4. To set up local and transnational workshops and trainings to explore how creativity and unconventional environments can provoke new perceptions about learning.
5. To explore new educational methodology and to create innovative educational tools for a broad range of young people, including young people with fewer opportunities.
6. To support participants to identify their own natural way of learning and explore how creativity and environments can provoke changes in our learning efficiency. 

This long term project is being developed between March 2015 and February 2017 by 6 different organizations from 3 different countries (Latvia, Netherlands and Spain). 
All these entities together with other stakeholders from involved countries, will work together to achieve the following results
1) State of Art - analysis of the country situations regarding the use of learning environments in formal and non-formal education
2) Developing a practical learning tool to foster creative learning process 
3) Research on creative learning environments - basted on analysis of country situations to identify elements needed to be considered in order to design learning environments in formal and non-formal education establishments for creative and innovative learning process.