State of Art in Latvia


The goal of the project “Looking@Learning" („Skats uz Mācīšanos”) is to create a place and support for the innovation-oriented cooperation between formal and informal intermediary sectors of education professionals in order to develop modern and successful learning environment for young people involved in learning process.  The 1st phase of the project named „State of Art” presents case studies and a collection of information that can be further used to develop methodology for promoting creative learning environment and for doing future studies on creative learning environment.

This study should be viewed as a pilot study inside the project since its goal is to gather initial information about creative learning and creative teaching environment in Latvia. The study outlines problems in the area of creative teaching environment in Latvian education system, simultaneously viewing education policy documents and inspecting the actual situation in Latvian educational establishments. This study focuses on the situation in establishments of formal education (primary and elementary schools), informal education (youth centres), NGO and alternative education (Montessori pedagogy).  

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