Stichting Merakel (Netherlands)


Merakel is a registered NGO in the hart of Stede Broec, that is an initiative of parents from kids with disabilities. Aim is to support, take care of and guide youngster with (severe) disabilities. Merakel provides stay over care (sleep over place), day care, weekend care and home guidance (ambulant) work. Merakel has 23 professionals working and provides a learning space for 4-6  students of Social-pedagogical and nursing schools to do their internships.

Additional to professionals we have 15 volunteers active in our organization.

Merakel has been set up as a parents initiatives to give youngsters a change to have new and other living experiences, meeting people. But also Merakel wants parents to get a breath, to give parents some space to recover from hard care responsibility and full schedule of medical and educational care. The idea that their children are being taken care of by professionals who work on having a fun, challenging and meaningful time, is perceived as very useful and gives parents new energy to deal with the complexity of raising a child with disabilities.

Target group are youth age 6-30 with a complex multiple disabilities. Young people  are being integrated in local community by participating in all local events, like sport events, cultural events and activities organized by local youth work.

Professionals have a solid experience in support of young people with disabilities in the process of inclusion and in their personal development to be more autonomous and personal entrepreneurs.

You can take a look at our website:  www.merakel .nl


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